Discover the best Miami italian restaurants

Discover the best Miami italian restaurants

The italian restaurants are one of the most popular in the world presenting itself under different varieties according to the region it is served. Pizza and pasta are the most renowned Italian creations, but their salads and desserts do pack a punch too when it comes to satisfying diners’ cravings.

The culinary scene in Miami reflecting the melting pot of cultures that makes it great is booming, increasingly gaining strength and fame worldwide. Visiting Miami’s restaurants basically equates to travel around the world thanks to the myriad of food proposals each nationality introduces to the public.

Italian food a tradition predating generations

The wave of Italian immigrants coming from different parts of the Italy and that arrived in the United States in past times is the foundation consolidating what it is known today as the Italian-American cuisine, the latter not being anything else but the adaptation of traditional Italian dishes from each region to the New World from one generation to the next.

This offshoot of the Italian cuisine goes well with the traditional Italian fare, since many people still prefer the taste of past times to preserve their rich history. In Miami there’s a wide range of Italian restaurants to visit when you feel like going for a luscious lunch or an exquisite dinner. Indulge in the dishes and specialties of Italian food, whose main ingredient is passion, with no rush.

Let’s share our Italian experience in 5 restaurants:


Café Prima is a small and humble eatery that opened in 1993 and that has become one of the food jewels of Miami Beach after 20 years. The culinary proposal continues to be the same Cea family put forth since then; they have maintained the essence of Italian homely food with high-quality fresh products.


Its location facing Biscayne Bay lends it an added value to the experience you are about to enjoy. Specialties of the Italian cuisine await you to make your taste buds shiver in a luxurious ambience that invites you to celebrate your special occasions. Il Gabbiano’s prices measured up to the service offered and the food quality.

Ironside Pizza authentic Napolitan flavor


Ironside Pizza’s wood-fired oven is responsible for cooking authentic Napolitan style pizzas. In Ironside Pizza the pride for every dish brought to the dining table shows itself. Their pizzas prompt an explosion of flavors thanks to the freshest and most organic ingredients used to make them. Pasta is another specialty of this establishment you should not miss out.


Having its main establishment in the Italian city of Rome, this restaurant came to Miami to offer its diners a varied and comprehensive fare of classic Italian dishes among which traditional pizzas and European-inspired craft cocktails stand out to achieve the perfect blend with the culinary proposal of the restaurant.

Pizza, pasta, risotto, desserts and ice creams from the Italian tradition are just a few of the delicacies these restaurants serve to their diners ensuring unique experiences that go easy on any wallet.