How to survive in Miami without a car?

How to survive in Miami without a car?

You have surely heard the urban myth that in order to enjoy Miami you must have a car at your disposal because this city is really big and distances from one place to another are lengthy. Maybe someone told you that it is not possible either to get around Miami without a car or visit all its attractions without it being an uphill effort. Nothing could be further from the truth, in this article we will banish those myths and you will come to realize that to enjoy this city you really don’t need a vehicle, but a good mindset and the best tips to get about.

You know it now, dress up with your best attitude for the ride is just beginning, we will take care of providing you with the best possible info about the most easy access places, how to reach them and where can you stay if you have to move around the city on foot.

Where to eat out in Miami without a car


If you want a one-of-a-kind dining experience relishing exquisite dishes that have even become culinary cult objects, take this option into account: food trucks. There are so many alternatives available that having no car in Miami poses no issue, for these restaurants on wheels traverse the city at all times and all you’ve got to do is to spot the one nearest.

So that you may not lose track of these food trucks in the streets, follow them too on social media; furthermore, you have restaurants who boast food trucks which is a great feature in and of itself.

Another advantage this type of establishments offer presents itself at food truck fairs where there are leisure activities on top of good fare: live music, entertainment for the youngest (if you are in Miami with kids this is a great choice) and a festive atmosphere that invites you to stay and have fun. Food truck fairs are an excellent way of having different activities on your itinerary in one single place.

Picnic: a more relaxing option

When it comes to combining pleasurable dining with other activities you also have the possibility of having a picnic outdoors.

There are parks in Miami that, in addition to being ideal for enjoying nature, boast great locations; therefore, being in Miami without a vehicle poses no issue to reach these places, you just have to pack your basket, take your favorite book with you, your preferred company and get ready to spend a really comforting evening.

Stay wherever you want at the best price

In order to enjoy your stay and make the most of your time you can set your “radius of action” booking near the area you want to sightsee, thus you will need less logistics to get about which would be ideal if you don’t have a car.

One of the many upsides this city has is its broad range of hotels distributed far and wide in the whole area; this is how you can find countless supply of budget hotels in Miami where economical is not a byword for cheap service, but quite the opposite. These budget hotels are great options featuring excellent locations that are favorable for those who cannot move around on a personal vehicle.

To select those hotels that are best suited to your needs it is important that you keep in mind which areas are close to the beachfront for they are usually more expensive; moreover, the same hotel or accommodation might vary its price according to the season, additionally there are lodging options such as single-rooms or condos that can be more convenient in many instances than a staying at a hotel.

Traverse Miami the best way


Regardless of whether you are in Miami without a car there are activities you can sign up for in the city that we may call “non-negotiable”: visiting Miami Beach, walking down Ocean Drive, going on a shopping tour, and exploring Wynwood, these are just a few examples of what you can do; therefore it is ideal that you know how to reach these venues only employing the local transportation network.

You have at your disposal one of the most complete transit systems to accomplish this. You even have free options to get around! These means of transportation are all conceived to complement each other. Take good note of them:


Metrobus is the bus network serving the city. Imagine you want to buy brand clothing in Miami but you are far away from the stores offering the best deals, well this does not have to be a constraint, for this bus network stretches from Miami Beach to Downtown and it has many routes passing through the most important landmarks; moreover it connects all transit systems by which you probably will be able to reach your destination.


This elevated heavy rail rapid transit system keeps you away from the typical traffic jams of the urban sprawl and links you with important tourist sites such as Brickell, Coconut Grove and Downtown.

Go across the city from north to south and divide its routes in two lines, an orange circuit that links the international airport to downtown, which makes it easier for you to reach your lodging accommodation if you arrive at the airport and have no car at your disposal, and the green one.


It’s a free mass transit people mover train that only serves Downtown and is completely free. It is composed of 20 stations and 3 loops which allows visitors and locals alike to explore the main neighborhoods in the center of Miami if you plan ahead.

As you can see, traveling in Miami without a car poses no problem to your plans of enjoying the city. There are many options that facilitate the enjoyment of this metropolis no matter whether you have a vehicle or not. Live a different experience! Keep in mind that a good mindset paired with good information will allow you to make the most of unforgettable and pleasant experiences. What are you waiting for? Come and explore Miami and all its charms.