Jetsurf: acrobatically simple water sports

Jetsurf: acrobatically simple water sports

Jetsurf is one of the latest, most fascinating water sports to reach Magic City. They flown through the Miami waters for the past three years.

The Jetsurf is a high-tech surfboard capable of reaching adrenaline inducing speeds: 43 mph. The modernly engineered concept has existed since the 1950s, and is now made readily accessible to ocean riders. Jetsurfs are secure and convenient: you can take them to the beach, go on long ocean rides, and slither through lakes. Drive the surfboard, its carbon fiber body is designed for endurance.

If you’re in Miami, invest in freestyling power through Biscayne Bay. Turn on the jets: experience the crystalline waters like never before.  

Board Details

The boards have configurations that assist beginners and pleasure experts. It’s 100 cubic centimeter, two-time motor will allow you to materialize acrobatics similar to KiteSurfing, and you don’t have to control the wind this time.

Jetsurfs are decked out in carbon fiber, utilizing genetics from the highest-end automobile and motorcycle industries Formula 1 and MotoGP. The boards can be used in most bodies of water across the world.

Jetsurf Academy

The main Academy and store, JetSurf Factory, is located in 2318 NE 2nd Ave, Miami FL 33137-4808. You will see beautiful water and the surrounding skyline. The atmospheric combination and the activity create an extraordinary ride. Just picture paint it...

The JetSurf professional team is prepared to train beginners and World Cup finalists. Last year’s World Cup was held in Playa Pichilingue, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. At the competition, the surfers tested their abilities on the 33-pound electric boards that can reach up to 70 kmph. The sport is a true spectacle...

Specialized Trainers

From the moment you arrive at the academy, the instructors will give themselves to you: saving you gym time and transferring skill. The class is personalized from start to finish, a fantastically fun time. All you have to do is bring shorts, energy, and sunscreen.

They offer various packages where the JetSurf technique only intensifies as the pilot levels up in experience and ability. All of their options include snacks, drinks, and the possibility to take pictures and videos during your time on the water.


Address: 2318 NE 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33137-4808

+1 203-538-7873

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