Extreme Axe Throwing: A sporting and recreational activity that is quickly becoming a trend in the United States

Extreme Axe Throwing: A sporting and recreational activity that is quickly becoming a trend in the United States

Indoor Extreme Axe Throwing, a fun and unconventional activity practiced in the state of Florida, is catching the attention of a significant number of youth and adults. Thanks to the efforts of adventurous entrepreneurs such as Ryan Lavernia and Clay Rusch, this recreational and sporting experience has grown to become an exciting and appealing new trend in the sunny city of Miami.

So far, you will be able to enjoy this extreme sport in two specialized venues: in downtown Hollywood, near ArtsPark in Young Circle or in Miami in Bayside, which is not far from the American Airlines Arena.

Prices and admission guidelines

In any of the locations mentioned above, you will be able to develop and improve your axe throwing skills under the safe and expert guidance of 'Axeperts'. A 90-minute session costs $35 per adult and $25 for young people over the age of 14, attending accompanied by a representative.

We are confident you will still feel driven to continue throwing axes after your first session, paying only $ 10 will allow you to extend this experience for 30 extra minutes. A brief period of training offered by your instructors is included, they will use interactive digital media to briefly explain the official goals of the World Axe Throwing League (WATL). 

Regardless of attending on your own, with a significant other or as part of a group, there are packages that offer options that adapt to each type of player. The Axeperts at your disposal will provide you with safety instructions, tips, tricks and guided game schemes in order to ensure a fun and rewarding experience. A simple warning: Only closed shoes are allowed.

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An emerging sport

We will not blame you if this simple diversion becomes an extreme sporting obsession! In that case, it is perfectly possible to join monthly competitions given that, the owners of these venues are active members of the World Axe League.

Extreme Axe Throwing is becoming an increasingly popular sport in the south of the United States. It consists of manipulating an axe with a wooden handle and a metal tip using both hands in order to take impulse and launch it towards the center of a wooden circle fixed on a vertical surface. The objective is to hit the target right in the middle, just like in the game of darts. This activity is practiced in closed, fenced lanes that offer a dedicated space and protection to all players.

The venues available in the city of Miami offer customers ideal opportunities to celebrate special occasions such as: birthdays, bachelor parties, team building, corporate gatherings or simply, fun and casual evenings spent in the company of family and friends.

The Extreme Axe Throwing experience includes bars that serve appetizers such as pizzas, chicken wings and a fine selection of wine and beers.

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Game origins

It is possible to think, that the existence of axe throwing scenes in regions where lumberjacks are rarely seen, is a rather peculiar phenomenon. The first locations dedicated to this extreme sport emerged in Canada, Seattle and New York. This entertaining activity has already begun to displace traditional bowling alleys by organizing festive gatherings, specialized leagues and round robin tournaments.

Throughout history, axes have been utilized as survival tools in activities such as logging, processing lumber (before the arrival of winter), hunting and as warfare weapons by Vikings, Normans, Amerindians, English, French and other civilizations. The experience gained in its use, is now being applied to create fond memories for those who practice Extreme Axe Throwing as a sport. 

The origin of axes can be traced back to prehistoric times, when they were simple stone tools used to hunt wild animals or as weapons in conflicts between opposing factions. Those created in Denmark were remarkable due to their resemblance to hammers featuring holes in their gravity centers. Later on, axes became sophisticated warfare devices thanks to the introduction of sturdier materials such as bronze and metal.


Extreme Axe Throwing Miami. 540 N Miami Ave, 2nd floor, Miami, FL 33136, 786-708-5811

Extreme Axe Throwing Hollywood FL.  2046 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020, 754-777-0246

New venues are expected to open soon in West Palm Beach and Boca Raton, Florida.

For additional information and to book your first session, we invite you to visit: extremeaxe.com

Game tips:

  • Before visiting any of the venues, use the Internet link provided above to specify the number of players, day, time and to state if you prefer either traditional axe throwing sessions or those that feature interactive options.
  • Small groups of players are always welcome as long as you don't mind sharing the same court with others or splitting your team according to different levels of expertise.

  • If you wish to enjoy a game with a group of 6 to 8 players, make a reservation for 6 participants and add the the additional members of your party as guests.

  • Special event sessions include the option of catering food and beverages, a fee for such services will apply if you choose to incorporate them as part of your experience.

  • It is possible to book multiple courts in order to assemble fun and festive sessions! Five axe throwing tracks (with 2 targets each) are available, each one has the capacity to host groups of up to 8 people, which means it is possible to accommodate 40 simultaneous players at once or even 80 during special events.

  • If you have any questions, please call (786) 708-5811 or email hello@extremeaxe.com for additional information.