How to explore Miami with children?

How to explore Miami with children?

The City of the Sun is undoubtedly one of the cities that have absolutely everything to vacation, even if you travel with children. Miami with children doesn’t have to be a complicated experience. On the contrary, it can be one of the most entertaining and great  experiences for families due to all the opportunities the city offers you.

Do you know which are the chances you have in Miami if you go with your children? Don’t worry, we certainly know them and, with the ideas we have in this Miami Guide, you can organize your next trip to the city.

Shopping in  Miami with children

With so many options to buy brand clothing in Miami we can get lost in the myriad of stores that we will find in the shopping centers, especially if we are looking for clothes for our little ones.

Our first advice in this sense, is to not lose your temper when shopping in Miami for kids. Then, guide yourself to the stores where you will find the most comfortable and economical clothes in the city.


  • This is a fun but delicate clothing store chain for the little ones.

Gap Kids

  • Are you looking for clothing made of delicate, casual, sports materials that are fun for your little ones? Gap is your ideal option. Without a doubt, the best in Miami brand clothes. Take advantage of the large number of promotions they usually have.

Bognar & Piccolini

  • Located in the Merrick Park shopping center in Coral Gables. Here you will find clothes for newborn babies up to 6 year old children designed in the same city of Miami.

Zara Kids

  • If Zara's clothes are extremely beautiful and chic for adults, imagine all what they have for the little ones. Children often like very much what this store offers. You will find everything at good prices.

What to do in Miami:  Free activities for the little ones

Although it is hard to believe, it is possible to have fun in Miami with young children going to free sites or whose access prices are very modest. There are Miami picnic parks, museums and many other very entertaining activities for kids and family.

Children's museum

  • In regard to various activities in Miami with young children, the Children's Museum represents a dynamic and practical experience in which they will learn and have fun.

Castle of dreams

  • It is a two-story sand castle made entirely of colored glass and shining sand. When it comes to parks in Miami, this is one of the most beautiful.

Mount Michimu

  • An imitation of a rock mount so that the children can climb. You can not imagine the excitement they feel when conquering the summit.

Veterinary clinic

  • Here your little one can explore what it is to have and take care of a pet.


  • As is to be expected, in addition to parks in Miami, there are also many museums. Among those that stand out, are:
  • The History Museum

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art

  • The Gold Coast Railway Museum

  • Perez's Art Museum

Pamper them with an ice cream


If there is something true is that nothing is fun if you are hungry. Full belly happy heart. It is therefore essential that when planning your trip to Miami with children you have to consider where you will take them to eat and enjoy a delicious snack on the way.

In the city there are too many options, but, undoubtedly, the ones that stand out are the following:


  • Located in the Brickell area, here you can eat traditional dishes that kids love like pizza. It is a very familiar and pleasant place.

Sushi Maki

  • Although sushi is a very adult dish, Sushi Maki has changed that perception a bit, including different options such as delicious sushi tacos and chicken fingers disguised as dragon tails.

Peacock Garden Café

  • Located in Coconut Grove, at Peacock Garden Café you will enjoy a warm brunch in a garden of fringed umbrellas and chandeliers. Have a lemonade or enjoy a delicious ice cream with your family!

Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

  • Freshness is the top of this restaurant, but also have different versions of their dishes adapted to the little ones. The best? The prices are really affordable.

Casa Juancho

  • This tapas restaurant is particularly nice. They have quality Spanish food, but nothing beats the feeling that you are on vacation in Spain without even leaving Miami. It's on the famous Calle Ocho.

The funniest Miami attractions

Venetian Pool

Obviously, there are some other exclusive places in Miami that you shouldn’t miss if you go to the city with your family. The beach is undoubtedly one of them as well as the pool.

Do you know what else you shouldn’t miss out on the City of the Sun?

Crandon Park

  • Taking children to the beach is always a good option and Crandon Park stands out for having everything a good beach should have: white sand, lifeguards, food sales and much more. Also, since it is not an oceanic beach, at low tide you can walk in the middle of the water without reaching you above the knees.

The Venetian Pool

  • Located at 2701 De Soto Boulevard, Coral Gables. This is a "pool" out of series. The little ones can explore the underground caves and cool off in the water.


  • It is a non-profit organization that rents boats such as kayaks or sailboats.
  • You can take advantage of its fun activities, ideal to perform as a family.

Fontainebleau Hilton Hotel

  • For families, the renowned Hilton Miami Hotel, located in Miami Beach, is the ideal option to enjoy Miami with small children. They always have fun activities for children between 4 and 12 years old.

South Pointe Park

  • This is one of the best parks in Miami, especially when the day is ending and you want to relax watching the sunset of Miami Beach. Take a walk along the boardwalk and look at the cruises heading towards the Caribbean.

Family trips, far from being tedious or difficult to plan, are experiences that leave lots of memories. Maybe you need to better evaluate the activities that you will carry out so that they adapt, especially to the little ones, but without a doubt, it is one of those things that are never forgotten.