Miami Local Guide: Little Havana Tips

Miami Local Guide: Little Havana Tips

Miami is a city that offers many activities to do and spectacular places to visit. Regardless of your particular tastes, rest assured that there is something in the city for you. Just check out our Miami Local Guide and you will surely run into something great that you did not imagine.

Little Havana is a clear example of this. It is a neighborhood, located in Miami-Dade County. A large number of Cuban immigrants live there, exiled in 1960 as a result of the Cuban Revolution.

In this picturesque place you will find all kinds of establishments that will make you feel in the Caribbean country. With places to eat, drink and even dance, we bring you a guide of Little Havana tips so that you can enjoy to the fullest when you visit it.

Miami Local Guide of Little Havana: Take a souvenir

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As we know that the visit to this picturesque neighborhood is one of the best experiences you can have in Miami, because of the fun and vibrant environment, we could not leave out, in our Miami Local Guide, the list of places you should visit if you want to take a souvenir of Little Havana.

Beyond shopping in Miami, the establishments of Little Havana are more like souvenir shops in tourist cities.

Lily's Records  

  • In Lily's Records you will find all kinds of Latin music.

Tosca Bakery

  •  Try typical sweets of the Caribbean, like a good Brazo Gitano (Gypsi’s Arm - Spanish cake roll) or a cream cake that you can not resist.

Sentir Cubano (Feel Cuban)

  • Here you will find pieces of clothing, art, posters, flags and games of the island. Do you want to take a souvenir with you? In Feeling Cuban you will find everything.

The Piñareños Frutería (Greengrocer)

  • Here you will find colorful boxes of fresh fruits, as you would find on the Caribbean islands.

El Gato Tuerto (The One-eyed Cat)

  • A good and cheap liquor? Go to the Gato Tuerto {One-eyed Cat) and get it.

Cigarette factories

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  •  You cannot say you were in Little Havana and you did not wander around El Crédito Cigar Factory, El Rey de los Habanos or El Titán de Bronce. These are the three favorite factories of authentic Cuban cigars on Calle Ocho,

Dance Cuban style

Now, if what you're looking for is fun in Miami, you're in the right place when you wander around Little Havana. As soon as you get to the neighborhood, you feel that vibrant sensation of a good party beginning. Here you will find establishments where the sound of salsa and other typical genres of the island appears.

Hoy como Ayer (Today as yesterday)

  • Considered, by many, as the best place to listen to live music from the entire city of Miami. Cuban music particularly reverberates some Latin Jazz. Here you could meet international artists and try the best cocktails.

Ball & Chain

  • It was one of the first places to introduce live music. They also serve good drinks and excellent music.

Havana 305

  • If you go, be sure to try the Mojitos. Here you will find a more varied musical repertoire that includes jazz, piano nights, karaoke and much more.

CubaOcho (Cuba Eight)

  • It is a combination of museum, bar and social club. In the evening you can enjoy excellent live music.

Viernes culturales (Cultural Fridays)

  • With more than 17 years of tradition, there are street events where you can come across art exhibitions, live music and many people dancing to the best music of the island.

Turn Cuban cuisine into your favorite

Name of places where Cuban food is sold inside Little Havana, and some others outside the city inviting the reader to visit them

Restaurant Versailles

  • A classic! It is the most famous Cuban restaurant in the world and they know it. You will not only find delicious traditional food, but also international dishes.

La Esquina de la Fama (The Corner of Fame)

  • It is a small restaurant located in the center of Little Havana. How do you differentiate them from others? He has lots of wall paintings. Do not stop trying their mojitos, they are a legend.

El Exquisito (The Exquisite)

The name has been well placed, since for many, it is the culinary jewel of the neighborhood and of Miami as a whole when it comes to traditional Cuban food.

In the same way, although they are outside of Little Havana, there are other very good food places scattered around Miami and it is worthwhile, as soon as you have the opportunity, to take a walk for them.

Havana Harry's:

  • It is located at 4612 S Le Jeune Rd., Coral Gables, FL 33146-1815. Try their sensational tostones guayaberos.

Puerto Sagua:

  • This is located at 700 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It is ideal if you want to eat Cuban dishes in a more sober atmosphere.

Havana 1957 Cuban Cuisine:

  • You will find it at 405 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139. In addition to its exquisite food, you can choose from a varied selection of quality wines and beers.

Meet the most important stars of Cuba

 Miami Local Guide

Our Local Miami Guide could not stop walking around the popular "Calle Ocho" of Little Havana in which is summarized all the history and life of Cuba 1960. In this space are the main establishments of "Cuba in Miami", in addition to the Walk of Fame of the most renowned Cuban stars.

Calle Ocho is the vital center of Little Havana. Here everyone meets and everything is found. The smell of coffee floats in the air, the music scatters everywhere and the happy chatter of people is heard everywhere.

It’s on Calle Ocho where Máximo Gómez Park is located, considered the most picturesque in the area. Veteran Cubans gather there, play chess and drink large amounts of coffee while discussing the future of Cuba. How to survive? Enjoy the view and the conversations, but never express your views about politics if you don’t want to see yourself in trouble.

Come to know this vibrant place, full of music, dance and nostalgia. And, don’t forget: Wherever you look, try to notice among all the hustle and bustle, in those old faces, exiled from their land that, from time to time they throw glances at the coast as if by doing it, they could return with their ones.