Little Haiti

The bustling and populous community of Little Haiti is the refuge of hundreds of thousands of Haitian immigrants who moved to Miami with their stories and traditions in search of a home that could bring them the hope of leading a life of dignity and freedom.

Even when it is not one of the most visited localities by tourists, the authorities and local leaders of Miami-Dade make efforts to transform this place into a cultural, gastronomic and touristic landmark of our city.

The Haitian Caribbean finds expression in its commercial buildings whose designs are similar to the Haitian typical architecture; in its colorful markets, galleries, bookstores and record shops; as well as in its Cultural Center (LHCC), home to a broad array of pop and folk art pieces.

As a deeply religious community, they have the Notre Dame d’Haiti Church; furthermore, they also have a commemorative plaza in honor of General Toussaint L’Ouverture, father of the Haitian Revolution.

One way to get to know the picturesque Little Haiti is through its cooking. Here it is common to come across small creole food establishments fusing the flavors of the African, European and indigenous cultures.

Aromatic and flavorful, the dishes of the Haitian cuisine are spicy, abound with meat, fish, grains, vegetables and fruits.



You can find Little Haiti in Zone 2 of Miami Smith’s map. It is delimited as follows:

North: Miami Shores

South: Design District

East: Biscayne Boulevard

West: I-95


Palat Miami
Little Haiti - Restaurant - Italian, Mediterranean - $$$
Estefan Kitchen
Little Haiti - Restaurant - Cuban - $$$
Sherwoods Bistro
Little Haiti - Restaurant - International - $$$
Café Roval
Little Haiti - Restaurant - Greek/Mediterranean - $$$
Philly Grub
Little Haiti - Restaurant - American
Harry's Pizzeria Design District
Little Haiti - Restaurant - Italian - $$
Michael's Genuine Food & Drink
Little Haiti - Restaurant - International - $$$
Mandolin Aegean Bistro
Little Haiti - Restaurant - Greek/Mediterranean - $$

Coffe Shops

Sweat Records
Little Haiti - Thing To Do - Music & DVDs, Coffee & Tea, Accessories - $$


Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami
Little Haiti - Thing To Do - Art Museums
Mindy Solomon Gallery
Little Haiti - Thing To Do - Art Galleries
Nina Johnson
Little Haiti - Thing To Do - Art Galleries - $$$$


Libreri Mapou Creole & French
Little Haiti - Thing To Do - Bookstores