About Miamismith

MiamiSmith.com is an area of discovery accessible from any digital platform in 3 languages (English, Spanish and Portuguese) with the mission of guiding you through our city (Miami). Initially, our efforts will be focused on restaurants, later expanding our interests to bars, parks, hotels, theaters and other sources of entertainment.

After a couple of decades of residing in this city and having crisscrossed almost every nook and cranny in between South Beach and Little Havana, we feel the need to share the secrets of our metropolis. We believe Miami is the city of the future because of its continuous growth to every extent; culture, gastronomy, art, business, commerce, quality of life, entertainment, and on top of everything, for its geographical location, placing Miami as the central point between Latin America, Europe, New York and California.

Now Miami breathes and envelops us with an unnamed feeling, hypnotizing locals and its tourists equally. With extensive excitement, we initiate this journey of experiences and curiosities relative to Miami. Join us; our taste will be synced with our surroundings.

About the Editor

For long periods at a time, Reinaldo Acosta has had the opportunity to breathe the airs of England, Venezuela, Brazil and the United States. Flying frequently to Europe, Asia, Latin America and North America has also been part of his agenda.

Even though he received permanent job offers to live in China and Brazil, Reinaldo decided his best bet was Miami. After visiting some of the most spectacular places in the world, ranging from an expedition in the Belize jungle, dining at Arzak (San Sebastian, Spain), seaplane joyrides in the Vancouver Coast, having lunch with Jay Leno at Raceway Laguna Seca (California), and visiting a Buddhist temple in Shanghai, Reinaldo insists that nothing compares to Miami.

After 19 summers in Miami, and 25 years in various business sectors: editorial, technology, and communications, Reinaldo decided to undertake this initiative (MiamiSmith), which allows him to splice his passion towards Miami with his sybarite gusto and spread it among those who live or visit the city of the PRESENT and the FUTURE (Miami).

Living in an era of micro-messages and light speed communication

We have come to understand the new editorial environment, the image over the word, the video over audio, the immediacy over the actual historical recordings. We develop original content, short, passionate, precise, relevant, astute and useful, which that allows our users to understand, learn, and enjoy Miami in every dimension. 

Taking these factors in mind while at the same time not underestimating this narrative’s value, we’ve adopted these paradigms of communication in order to concisely relate what we know about this wonderful city. From MiamiSmith we transmit what we see, smell, taste, touch, and feel with a human focus, using our own souls’ technology and the virtues of digital platforms.