Bal Harbour

Considered the American Riviera’s jewel, Bal Harbour keeps its charm intact for 70 years by being the most elegant and sophisticated city of Miami. Its small area of 1,6Kms takes in modern and rangy buildings that, aligned along the beach, contrast with the small buildings from the 40’s and 50’s decades on the other side of the street. The legendary Collins Avenue weaves together the cities and neighborhoods of the coast from Miami Beach until Sunny Isles Beachthrough the well known A1A route. It connects to Bal Harbour by its main avenue which is decorated by a landscape that parades the luxuriant and dazzling botany of Florida. Bal Harbour Shops constitutes the center in which social, economic and cultural life take place. It portrays an example of luxury and sophistication, a comfortable and relaxed environment in which bustling visitors blend in with its ambience. Designed in 1929, Bal Harbour did not escape the vicissitudes of World War II. Its land was rented for a dollar on an annual basis to the Air Force in order to build a war prison. Once conflict was finalized, it was inaugurated as a city in 1946 and has the honor of being one of the first urban planning in this country.


Coffe Shops

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