2018 Accord 1.5T Sport

This family sedan is recognized immediately for its bodywork redesign, the simplicity of its interior (specially the second row), and the visual crispness of its dashboard. Although there is nothing particularly outstanding in this 10th-generation Accord, the combination of the Accord’s perks, output efficiency and engine performance deliver an integrated driving experience. The 6-speed, 192-hp, and 1.5-liter turbo Accord version we drove features a digital dashboard and blind-spot detection technology (standard in every model) which make the Accord an ideal car for that family in search of a comfortable, spacious and safe vehicle.

Engine:V4 1.5L Turbocharged
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:6.6 s
Top Speed:125 mph
MPG:26 city / 35 highway
MSRP:Starting at $25,780

2018 Volvo XC60 T6

Let’s start saying that this car delivered the best driving experience of 2017 to us, and we even had the opportunity to check the car’s brake system besides, when the car had to stop itself using its braking capabilities and show us why safety comes first on Volvo’s priority list.

The Volvo XC60 is dynamic on the outside while featuring an elegant and trendy interior. Every component on its dashboard, including the tachometer, is digital. The car’s central console resembles an IPAD featuring a big display that serves as the main control unit from where the pilot or copilot can handle the navigation, sound, and air conditioning systems, as well as cameras, blind-spot detection devices, and any other key internal functions. Beyond the technical details such as fuel efficiency, car value and engine power, the Volvo XC60 outperforms the BMW X3, the Jaguar F-Pace or the Mercedes GCL. This car has my full endorsement to be my wife’s next ride.

Engine:I4 2.0L
Power:316 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:6.8 s
Top Speed:125 mph
MPG:20 city / 27 highway
MSRP:Starting at $43,000

2018 Toyota Prius

Without a doubt, my mind readily associates the Toyota Prius Prime with environmental conservation! Over the years, Toyota has greatly improved the performance and capabilities of this hybrid, starting with its 25-mile drive speed while cruising in electric mode, a wireless mobile phone charger and a fine 11-inch digital display that is mainly used as a central hub that controls aspects related to both performance and information. This car provides 3 driving modes: EV Auto mode (Automatic Electric Vehicle), EV mode (Electric Vehicle) and CHG (hybrid mode). This last mode yielded 52 miles (82 kilometers) per gallon during our drive test. The Prius is an intelligent car, it makes decisions based on road conditions, driver demands and the routes it is most commonly used on. Additionally, it comes with all the safety devices and mechanisms demanding users expect from modern cars: an alert system installed in the rear view mirror which has been specially designed and fine-tuned to allow changing lanes easily, steering wheel vibration and a bundle of other equally impressive features. This awesome vehicle is ideal for busy, overcrowded cities and will be greatly appreciated by those who crave minimizing their dependence on the expensive and pollutant components found in traditional fuel solutions.

Engine:I4 1.8L Gas/Electric
Power:121 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:10.5 s
Top Speed:101 mph
MPG:55 city / 53 highway
MSRP:Starting at $27,955

2018 Acura TLX V6

The exterior of the Acura TXL exhibits sensual and muscular curves that highlight its 19-inch wheels, to put it in more direct terms, it is a sedan that shamelessly dresses up as a sports car. Its interior invites users to sit back and enjoy the ride, placing emphasis on sound, safety mechanisms that include a warning system installed in the rear view mirror, specially designed to allow changing lanes without the usual hassles and a steering wheel vibration system that includes an audible alarm that goes off when the attention of drivers slips or when they happen to take their eyes off the road. A powerful audio system that seamlessly syncs up and connects with mobile phones within reach, while the main board still manages to communicates effectively with the driver is available. The version we managed to get our hands on came with a 4-wheel drive, a V6 engine and offered a subtle and balanced drive that soared over the pavement, seemingly defying gravity. One caveat we noticed relates to the apparent lack of strength when we demanded full power from the engine. This vehicle is ideal for those looking for a family sedan without sacrificing the appearance and skill of a muscular and athletic car.

Engine:V6 3.5L
Power:290 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:5.7 s
Top Speed:130 mph
MPG:21 city / 31 highway
MSRP:Starting at $37,150

2018 Mazda CX-9

The dignified profile of the Mazda CX-9 complements its compact and comfortable interior. We were quickly impressed by the positioning and brightness of the dashboard and its splendid digital components. Having the opportunity to take this intriguing charmer for a test drive, we set course on a 70 mile trip between Miami and West Palm Beach in the company of 6 passengers who were readily open to share comments about the level of comfort they experienced. The noise in the cabin was minimal, especially for those who travelled in the third row. Without being too picky, we considered it needs a bit of extra space right after the third row to accommodate more luggage. The gas mileage was not exceptional even though it ranks on top along with other vehicles of similar category due to the reduction of  its engine from 6 cylinders to 4 (turbocharged) in order to achieve greater fuel consumption efficiency.

Engine:V4 2.5L Turbo
Power:250 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:7.1 s
Top Speed:113 mph
MPG:20 city / 26 highway
MSRP:Starting at $45,555

KIA Cadenza Limited 2017

Kia steals the spotlight with this spacious, comfortable and elegant sedan featuring one of the best dashboards we have ever seen, whose sharpness and presentation allow the driver to locate every add-on warning display boasted by the Cadenza. This vehicle is hands down as good as its competitors in Europe; moreover, its design and 6-cylinder ENGINE deck out the Cadenza, offering a flawless finish.

Engine:V6 3.3L
Power:290 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:6.7 s
Top Speed:145 mph
MPG:20 city / 28 highway
MSRP:Starting at $45,290

Acura MDX Sport Hybrid AWD ADV 2017

The safety features of this hybrid car are a drivers priority, ranging from the blind spot information system that alerts you while changing lanes, the rearview camera with overhead view, to the vibrating steering wheel that maintains the driver alert. The interior has plenty of space in the first two rows, though lacking room in the last row. The multimedia controls for the driver and passengers are intuitive and well-designed. The gasoline engine works in tandem with the electric engine for a seamless experience in this luxury utility car ideal for big families.

Engine:V6 3.0L
Power:321 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:5.8 s
Top Speed:110 mph
MPG:26 city / 27 highway
MSRP:Starting at $58,975

Range Rover SVAutobiography Dynamic 2017

Aristocrat, a word that may closely portray this astounding ultra luxurious utility vehicle. Its sensual  external appearance, coupled with unparalleled internal comfort will make you feel part of an exclusive automotive monarchy. As soon as your hands are set on the serene curvature of its wheel, the dashboard lights will illuminate your eyes while the pleasant smell of fresh, brand new leather will help you realize the reason why this sumptuous model exceeds the value of its $170,000 tag price.

Savor the virtues of its 550 horsepower, 5.0 liter supercharged engine and 8 cylinder suspension that will accentuate the sensation of safely gliding over the road. Have no doubts about this flagship original becoming the obsession of those who dismiss expense in favor of inspired and detailed customization ranging from variations of its lavish upholstery, elegant body colors, tire designs and enthusiast onboard audio and video configurations among many other fine points.

Land Rover
Motor:V8 5.0 LSupercharged
Power:550 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:5.1 s
Top Speed:250 mph
MPG:14 city / 19 highway
MSRP:Starting at $170,995

Lexus GS 200T F Sport 2017

Lexus offers through this car: luxury, elegance, technology and a sports "look". We enjoy the hologram reflected in the front glass on the side of the pilot, it digitally indicates the allowed speed in the area and the speed of the vehicle. Its interior space is spacious and comfortable. In addition, pilot and co-pilot seats can be heated or cooled through a command on the front console.

Engine:V8 5.0L
Power:467 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:4.5 s
Top Speed:168 mph
MPG:16 city / 24 highway
MSRP:Starting at $83,940

AMG C63 S Sedan 2017

The Mercedes-AMG C63 S exudes style, elegance, potency, balance and personality. Its two-colored interior, rear and front cabins along with its sound system make of this car a collectible for a car enthusiast. To take this ride for a spin up and down the streets where the speed limit is regulated is a real pity, though we caught the eye of every passerby and driver the moment they saw this work of art. Being somewhat disheartened, we returned the car that we tested for three days :-( but at least we were left with the feeling of having driven above the clouds.

Mercedes Benz
Engine:V8 4.0 L Biturbo
Power:503 hp
Acceleration 0 to 60 MPH:3.9 s
Top speed:180 mph
MPG:18 city / 24 highway
MSRP:Starting at $72,800