Parks in Miami:  Amusement according to your personality

Parks in Miami:  Amusement according to your personality

Surely you've heard that "outdoor life" positively influences health and emotions, well, the habit of enjoying open spaces affects a great deal the reduction of physical illness and makes us more relaxed and happy. Therefore, it is so important to have safe and comfortable spaces to enjoy the sun, the breeze and pure air. Fortunately, parks in Miami are one of its main attractions and have alternatives for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete, or if you like to take long walks, go on a picnic with the family or go out and play with your pets on the lawn. In this city you will always find a place for outdoor recreation, where you will surely feel at your ease; there are no excuses, even if you are in Miami without a car, we assure you that you can find the ideal place.

Therefore, we bring to you some recommendations of the most attractive parks according to the type of activity you can do there. Join us in this route and find your favorite one.

Miami in Parks for food lovers

Undoubtedly, eating is one of the greatest pleasures of life. It is not simply a matter of satisfying the stomach, but of our food making us say !omg, this is so good! Now, can you imagine putting together the pleasure of a good meal with the advantages of enjoying an outdoor park?  Even better, don’t imagine it and visit it, because in Food Trucks Miami you have many fairs that are made by their frequent visitors.

Music, children’s attractions (ideal for those who are in Miami with kids), open spaces, a relaxed atmosphere and a wide variety of ethnic and local food as well as different types of desserts all at your disposal. You can taste the most significant flavors from different countries without traveling more than a few steps from one truck to another. This, no doubt, is an excellent plan to enjoy the outdoors.

In order to enjoy this experience, you only need to know which are the places and time where this fairs take place, that’s why we prepared a guide for Miami Food Trucks, so you can schedule your plan in advance and your only concern will be to choose which delights you are going to eat, the food at these fairs is so good, that it has become an object of worship for many.

Parks for Pet Owners

For those of us who have mascots we know that certainly, they are an important part of the family. That’s why we try to include them in the activities we make and a trip to the park can’t be an exception, we just have to pay attention to which are the parks in Miami ideal to share with our furry companions and here we show you the best three.

East Greynolds Park

Let’s say that this one is level 1, ideal for dogs who are learning to share with their peers and to enjoy the outdoors. It has two areas, one for small dogs and another for bigger ones. It also has sprinklers to appease the heat and comfortable benches for the owners to rest.

Amelia Earhart Park

This one would be level 2, since it is fenced for the security of pets, it has two areas in order to separate the furry ones according to their sizes, but also the space is very wide so that they can run freely and has obstacles to stimulate their skills. It also has water fountains, benches so humans can rest and many trees to shelter under their shadows.

Hollywood Dog Beach

We reached level 3, ¡fun at the beach!  Well, like everything in the Miami parks, the choice of sand and beach cannot be missed. If your K9 friend likes water, you can’t stop from bringing it to this place. You just have to make sure you are always vigilant and that it enjoys the company of his peers, size doesn’t matter, here there are no fences that restrict their free activity.

Parks for lovers

We know that when we are in love, any place is magical, as long as we are with the person that steals our breath; even though this is true, it is better to enjoy with our partner in places that invite romance and enjoyment.

There are parks in Miami ideal for couples, since they are peaceful, they have beautiful gardens or are ideal to watch the sunset, here we tell you about two of our preferred ones.

Bayfront Park

In this park you can appreciate the bay. It’s very spacious and has many places to rest. It is ideal for contemplation, as you can watch the sea and the boats sailing.

South Pointe Park

A very well-kept place, with beautiful views and a calm and serene ambience, it breathes tranquility and relaxation. It has a large area with vegetation, ideal to sit, rest and cool off. There are also picnic tables.

Park for athletes

For those who enjoy a healthy lifestyle, there are also many options and very attractive ones,  even for those people who don’t have the continuous practice of exercise as a habit, can find in these spaces a fantastic way to get out of the routine. Here are some of them:

David Kennedy Park

Located in Coconut Grove. It has areas to play beach volleyball, outdoors gym and trails for cyclists and runners. It also has a special area for the little ones, which is ideal if you are in Miami with kids.

Oleta River State Park

This park is created for cyclists, it has different trails so those who practice this sport can meet with different levels of difficulty and distances. It also offers canoe and kayak rentals to tour Biscayne Bay

Coral Reef Park

This park undoubtedly is for all tastes and skills. It has trails for walking, running or cycling. It also has volleyball, tennis, basketball, softball and baseball courts.

Flamingo Park

One of the parks in Miami ideal for swimmers. It has a tempered Olympic pool and for the little ones an area with water games. Similarly, it has trails for cyclists and skaters, areas to play soccer, baseball and tennis

Crandon Park

A different alternative. It is located in Key Biscayne and offers facilities to play golf and tennis. It also offers the opportunity to practice cycling, kayaking, diving and walks on nature trails. Likewise, it has a beach with one of the best views towards the Miami skyline.

The city of Miami attractions are countless, offering you plenty of options to go out and enjoy its open spaces, ¡cheer up to know them! The time you spend in knowing our parks will result in good health and excellent mood. Just choose the one that best suits your style and go to it. To make your trip easier, we provide you with a Local Miami Guide, of what to do in Miami, or what to see in Miami which will make it simpler for you to locate and go to your destination.