Places where you can find Miami’s best pizza

Places where you can find Miami’s best pizza

Pizza is a word associated with the mouthwatering scent, flavor, and components of the global phenomenon.

Flour, cheese, and tomato sauce have been used since the beginning of the industry. In the times of the Roman Empire, pizza was a yeastless fast food sold on the streets.

Mediterranean kitchens made flatbreads like the Focaccia topped with herbs and served as appetizers. But the pizza we know today was created in Napoli in the 17th century, home of the Pizza Heaven.  

When the dish arrived to American soil, it adapted to the taste and culture of every city it touched. As a matter of fact, cities open pizza parlors on almost every corner, and Miami is no exception. There are dozens of places that prepare delightful pizzas, from the simplest to the most complex, never abandoning its true essence.

Pizzas vary, including:  salads, sweets, protein, vegetarian, organic, artisanal, mixes, and they almost always have the OG mozzarella cheese.

Here are the places Miami’s diners love the most, offering exquisite representations of the historic flatbread.

Frankie’s Pizza
Olympia Heights - Restaurant - Pizza - $
9118 Bird Road, Miami, Miami, FL 33165

Is considered to be the oldest and most famous in Miami. Fran B. Pasquarella founded the parlor on Valentine’s Day, 1955. Roxanne and Renee Pasquarella run the place today.

They are located on 9118 SW 40th Street, the sisters have preserved their father’s legacy and vision of the original menu. Their tomato sauce is home-made, the flour is fresh, and the cheese is cut and molded to perfection.

It’s the house of the square pizza, they continue to employ their grandmother’s secret italian recipe that consists of an immaculate fusion of sauce, flour, and cheese. It contains no additives or conservatives.

Nevertheless, their traditions have not affected their ability to adapt, they count on delivery trucks that cater to parties and local events. They also have semi-cooked options, ideal for taking home and sending to family and friends.

Casola’s Pizzeria & Sub Shop
Coral Way - Restaurant - Italian, Pizza, Sandwiches - $
2437 Southwest 17th Avenue, Miami, Miami, FL 33145

This pizzeria started as a counter service in 1982 and is now a lively restaurant that serves some of the largest pizzas in Miami. They specialize in bread and other italian plates.

Miami Beach - Restaurant - Italian, Pizza - $$
1930 Bay Road, Miami Beach, Miami, FL 33139

For the most demanding and pocket-full diners, here’s your call: Lucali is a highly sophisticated venue where the flour is formed with glass bottles and their sauce recipe is a well kept secret.

The perfect mix of fresh & aged cheese is one of their fundamental assets. Mark Iacono, the owner, is known in the Gastronomical world as a pizza perfectionist.

Andiamo! Brick Oven Pizza
Upper East Side - Restaurant - Italian - $$
5600 Biscayne Boulevard, Miami, Miami, FL 33137

Andiamo! is cataloged as an oasis for pizza lovers. The name comes from Manhattan, where the restaurant first opened in the United States.

Some of their best pizzas include The Arugula & Prosciutto, the Portobello, and the GodFather. The Bella Bambina is elaborated with bacon, caramelized onion, tomato sauce, and a steamed fusion of mozzarella and gouda cheese. You can also build your own pizza.

Pizzarium - A Slice of Rome
Miami - Restaurant - Pizza - $
69 E Flagler StMiami, FL 33131, Miami, FL 33131

For those seeking traditional italian pizza, run over to Pizzarium de Roma, where you can order a pizza or a slice. You will have the opportunity to experience their special al taglio technique, a method of gradual flour elaboration. Menu options include the Honolulu, the Capricciosa, and the Campagnola White, made from eggplant, mozzarella, and roasted peppers.

Stanzione 87
Brickell - Restaurant - Italian, Pizza - $$
87 SW 8th St, Miami, Miami, FL 33130

Brickell holds this waypoint of Neapolitan pizza and flavor. Its owners take care of obtaining high quality ingredients from Italy to gift palates an exceptional, traditional pizza. They divide their menu in to three groups: the Bianche (no sauce), the Rosse (San Marzano tomato sauce), and the Speciale, distinguished by their expensive, fascinating flavors.

Pizza enthusiasts, these are all unforgettable locations. ¡Buon appetito!