Bal Harbour Beach

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Bal Harbour Beach

Bal Harbour Beach is a soothing and quiet beach. Neighbor of Surfside, it comes across as serene paradise in comparison to the electrifying South Beach.

Its mile of coastline is traversed by a white-sand promenade ideal for open-air sports while the northernmost end of Bal Harbour’s beach boasts a sea wall pier that is the delight of fishers and onlookers. Although it is a public beach, it lacks facilities or services for visitors, therefore is advisable to go prepared so that your time there is comfortable.

On 102nd Street, under the bridge connectin Bal Harbour to Sunny Isles Beach, there is a small public parking that tends to fill up, this is why coming early must be included in your beach schedule in this area.

More about Bal Harbour

Planned out in 1929, Bal Harbour did not escape from the mishaps of World War II, its land was rented for $1 per year to the United States Air Corps in order to build a prisoner-of-war camp. Once the war ended, Bal Harbour was inaugurated as a city in 1946 and has the honor of being one of the first planned urbanism projects in the country.

Bal Harbour Shops is the center stage where the village’s social, economic and cultural life unfolds; a small display of luxury and sophistication, a cozy and relaxing ambience in which the bustling visitors blend in with its surroundings. 

655 96th Street, Bal Harbour, Miami, FL 33154
Phone number: 
(305) 866-4633