Haulover Park

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Haulover Park

If the idea is to have an entertaining, peaceful and reinvigorating day where you can share with family and friends, one of the best options you have available to do it is Haulover Beach Park, a beautiful beach in Miami that you will find inside a public park located between Bal Harbour and Sunny Isles Beach.

Its littoral zone of over 1.4 miles in length attracts visitors from all around the world particularly for the paradisiacal waters of the Atlantic Ocean, whose white sands and alluring coastal vegetation allow for a wide range of recreational activities. In this pleasant beach venue you may feast your eyes on charming landscapes where fun prevails under the sun of Miami.

There is even a floating bar!

Haulover Beach Park is traversed by Collins Avenue which divides it in two; the beach is located at its easternmost point, whereas the Intracoastal Causeway of Biscayne Bay is located at the westernmost part, boasting a picnic area, a marina, a boats rental concession at your disposal for relaxing boat rides, as well as an open area to fly kites, where kids may enjoy flying demonstrations, kite construction workshops, sales and competitions.

One of the most important attractions of the park is located precisely in the waterway area. This area called “Sandbar” is a sandbank that becomes a lively meeting place on weekends for boaters who love sunbathing with the unmatched scenic beauty of Miami.

A “floating snack bar” attending to boaters operates on weekends too, which turns out to be a neat attraction overall.

Nudism in Miami

Miami also has its own “clothing-optional” beach in Haulover where you can sunbathe without worrying about marks left by your bathing suit, thus getting a perfect tan. This merry spot is nestled in the northeastern zone of the beach bordered on by Sunny Isles Beach.

If you want to have a good time alongside your pet, here you may find a park specially designed for your furry friends, in which they might scamper around and play without any kind of restrictions. If you plan on visiting Haulover Beach Park over the weekend we suggest arriving early in order to avoid traffic and secure your parking space, because even though Haulover is a big park, its parking area is limited. 

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