Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

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Historic Virginia Key Beach Park

Another scenic wonder of Miami that we invite you to visit is the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park located on Virginia Key, near Rickenbacker Causeway, a toll road bridge connecting the mainland to Key Biscayne. In this area you also find the Miami Seaquarium, the Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami, and the Miami Marine Stadium.

Added to the National Register of Historic Places in the year 2002, the Historic Virginia Key Beach Park was closed to the public for almost 30 years until it was re-opened in 2008. Its history makes it a magical, unexplored and invaluable place that is concerned about preserving the environment.

A beach that will connect you with Miami’s nature

Virginia Key Beach is a beautiful littoral zone and a protected ecosystem. Its location is rather remote which turns it into the perfect scenery to explore nature and its marine life.

It is important that you go prepared with your beach gear so that your stay will be comfortable, and make sure you know the park rules & regulations, since it is like a protected natural reserve, there are some guidelines visitors must bear in mind.

The park boasts a public parking, completely fitted out picnic facilities, as well as trails for biking and jogging. Visitors have the opportunity to know the “Historic Carousel”, a mini train, a sandcastle, the recreational areas for children, and the event pavilions zone.

A vast ecosystem awaits you

The Historic Virginia Key Beach Park features an ecosystem committed to the preservation of the environment. Its endangered flora and fauna are testimony to the antiquity of the preserved natural species of South Florida.

4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami, Miami, FL 33149
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